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Christy Williams is a Christian, Wife, Mother, Author, Attorney, Speaker and Business Owner who has been involved in ministries for over 20 years. She grew up in and around spiritual ministry and is passionate about teaching others how to find their passion,  live a life on purpose and prosper.  She is also on a mission to help individuals world wide understand that God has a great and unique design for their lives.

Christy knows firsthand that one’s  background  does not determine how far one can go in life. She also knows  that God wants everyone to prosper, have hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)  So, let her help you connect your values +passion to create a bright future.

God’s Design For You

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Juris Doctorate/Licensed Attorney

Bachelor of Arts in English/Minor in Political Science

Teacher’s Certification

Author of 5 Spiritual/Inspirational Books

20+ years in ministry



Strong and Loving relationship with God and family (The Greatest achievement of them all!)

Christy has been with her husband; Gerald, for 15 years (married for 7). She is the proud mom of two beautiful girls; Madison and Meagan.

Are you ready to discover God’s Design For You? Are you ready to live on Purpose? Create Profit from your Passion?

Are you tired of feeling broken and alone; lost and confused? Would you like to discover God’s beautiful design for your life? Christy knows that if she can discover God’s purpose for her life and begin to live on purpose; you can too!

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